Textured Cardstock | Stampin Up Subtle Embossing Folder

Ready to get the look of Textured Cardstock without having to buy it all?  The new Stampin Up Subtle Embossing Folder is hands down the go to product for this!

I have been playing with my new catalog items for only about a week – and the product I have used more than anything else is the Stampin Up Subtle Embossing Folder.

This product has actually been the source of some hilarious conversations I have had with my stampers.  You see, the Stampin Up catalog doesn't show it well at all.  The joke has been, it's so subtle, you can't even tell it's there!  Was it an April Fools Day joke?  Did it actually do anything at all?

I had to get it to see for myself, and like I said above, I have used it more than anything else that is new in the catalog.

Gone are the days that you have to buy both smooth and textured card stock.  Stampin Up retired all their old textured card stock several years ago, but that doesn't mean that I didn't still have (hoard) some.  I loved it and have missed it.

With this one little folder, you can take any of your regular card stock and make it textured!!!!

But again, the catalog doesn't show it well, so I get to 🙂


Key Products

I am using several key new products to make today's card.  Here they are:


Why This Card Exists

I have made no effort whatsoever to hide my love for Blueberry Bushel.  For the next two years there is a possibility that I will use it on every thing I make.  This is by far the blue I have been missing for the last half decade.  I had to use it on the first card I made with new catalog items.

Oddly enough, I grabbed the Rooted in Nature stamp set to go with it.  I wouldn't think it would be the obvious choice to grab when working with Blueberry Bushel, but it just spoke to me.

I need some masculine cards.   They aren't my favorite to make, and therefore I tend to make a stash, and the stash box is emtpy.


The Layout

For some reason, I felt the need to go with a more non-traditional layout.  So I perused the Stamping Family sketches section and found one that was really jumping off the screen at me.  That told me that I needed a wide section on the left, a narrow strip towards the right and then some white space on the far right for my sentiment.


Textured Cardstock | Stampin Up Subtle Embossing Folder


Making This Card

To make this card, I started by stamping my tree stump image.  YES, yes, yes, a million times yes, I do wish there was a die for this one.  But in under 30 seconds I can cut it out.  So while I didn't wanna, I still did it.  It made the perfect background for my words.

I stamped the leaf and die cut it.

Then stamped the words “Words are never enough.”  While I was already in the fussy cutting mode, I opted to take this long sentiment and break it apart to fit more appropriately on my tree stump.  (Can we just pause and ponder that last thought – never did I ever think I would use those words in a sentence together!)

Then stamped the secondary phrase “to thank you for all you do” along the right hand side of the card.

And then it was time to see how to make all of these elements work together.


Putting It All Together

One might not think that in June it's time to pull in the Swirly Snowflakes thinlits here in Texas.  But one of my favorite dies is in that set.  It's nothing but a straight lines of dots . It's long enough to run the entire length of an A2 card front.  I had the strip of Shaded Spruce, but I was just meh – nothing exciting about it, until I ran it through the dotted die.  What a game changer that was!

Then it was time to put the card together – and again, something was missing.  I was ok, but not great.  That was when I added the white baker's twine behind the tree stump image.  That really helped make that element come more alive.

As I was assembling, it still just didn't excite me.  I added a button with some more baker's twine tied through it.  And that looked really great.


Textured Cardstock | Stampin Up Subtle Embossing Folder


What Was Missing

The total game changer of this card was texturizing the Blueberry Bushel card stock.  I wish I had taken before pics, but didn't 🙂  Once I had the textured cardstock using the Stampin Up Subtle Embossing Folder, THAT'S when I got excited and knew this card was finished.

All of those other changes were made, adding die cut dots to the one edge of card stock, adding baker's twine, adding a button with baker's twine tied through it – and what sealed the deal was textured cardstock, go figure!


Textured Cardstock | Stampin Up Subtle Embossing Folder


The Final Project

Here it is in all its stamping goodness.  I love all the elements, the unlikely pairing of the Swirly Snowflakes thinlits with the Rooted in Nature stamp set, the not-so-typical card layout, the different color palette, but that textured cardstock that you get from the Stampin Up Subtle Embossing Folder brought this card to completion.

So if you have seen it in the catalog and really didn't know what it could do for you, now you know what it can do 🙂


Textured Cardstock | Stampin Up Subtle Embossing Folder


Now It's Your Turn

Ready to make cards that are similar to this one?  Here is a list of all the supplies I used to create this fun masculine card that is full of texture and wonderful sentiments that really say something that we sometimes really need to say.  To order any of the items, simply click on a picture below 🙂


Thank You

I so appreciate you checking in on today's project.   I hope that it inspires you to create anything, this card or not.  We make such a difference when we make and send a card!  You, as a card maker, have such an amazing ability to change someone's day by making and sending a card.  I love that I get to share what I create with you and that it allows me to be the work at home mom that our family needs me to be.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how you can create textured cardstock using the new Stampin Up Subtle Embossing Folder!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for new video project 🙂  See you then!




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