About Me

Hi!  I'm Meg 🙂

First, let me welcome you here – I hope that you are enjoying your stay!

If you were sitting right here, I would offer you a glass of wine or a cup of coffee – tell you to pull up a chair and let's just chat…

Second, let's dive into what you will find here and why this site even exists.

Why is this site here?

Here you will find all kinds of ideas, inspirations, how-to's, videos, funny stories, lots of pictures and just in general paper crafting goodness.

Long ago, actually right at 15 years ago, all of my stampers fit at my kitchen table.  Then some moved, new ones came in, and quite frankly, it was time to grow the business, and we took a gamble that the internet wasn't a fad.

I have worked to build an amazing site for you so that you can have an amazing experience while you are here, regardless of where you live or what time of day it is.  While stamping is my hobby, it is also the way that I support my hubby and kiddo.  It is my full time gig – my constant learning is ALL FOR YOU!

What you can expect…

I love to create and share projects on a regular basis.  If you want to make sure you don't miss things, you will want to click here and sign up to be a part of my newsletter group.  In that group, I share projects that aren't posted here, so if you suffer from FOMO, this is a list you want to be on!

What Products I Use

The products I use are from all over, they are truly my favorites.   You won't see me use anything that I don't love.

So Where Do I Teach Stamping?

Lastly, several have asked me about the name of my site, I Teach Stamping.  The name is basic, it says exactly what I do, but it doesn't really share where you can benefit from it all.

Public Places

There are public places where I share projects and different content.  You are on the first one, but also there is the I Teach Stamping Facebook Page, the I Teach Stamping YouTube Channel, the I Teach Stamping Instagram account – and honestly, I feel like life is too short for Twitter, so don't look for me there.

Then we have the groups for our stampers that want to learn even more…

Online Learning Groups

Over at Paper Crafting Classes, you can learn specific topics on paper crafting, there are new classes being added.  (Hint, that newsletter group I talked about before finds out about them before everyone else, so be sure to get on that list.)

Then there is Stamping Family, which is the site where I am not only the hostess of it, I am also a member.  This is the site where I really get to know you, interact with you, see your creations and simply play.  Family members also have access to everything on Paper Crafting Classes without any extra charge.

The Bottom Line is This….

I am happy you are here, you are here because you want to do more with your paper crafting, and that's exactly what I want for you.  I want you to feel at home here, keep coming back, interact with me and know that I am a paper crafter just like you!

With love,