How to Store Stampin Blends

Ok, so we have our Blends in a box, in a container, but then we are digging for buried treasure trying to find our lights and darks – until today… Today I will share with you how I like to store Stampin Blends!

It costs only a couple of dollars, and then you are headache free with matching up your lights and darks.  For me, I will gladly pass on that cuppa coffee and use the $4 to save me frustration any day of the week 🙂

To me, this has been an issue since day 1, but now that the new colors of Stampin Blends are officially available for sale – YAY! – it's has been a bigger issue.

As you add more, you have to dig more, and that's just a mess.

Watch this quick video and it will solve your problem too!




I love to organize my crafting supplies, yet I don't want to bust the crafting budget to get it done.  Just a few velcro dots and ta-da, I can easily store Stampin Blends to find their mates.  And all is right in the world… well, for this issue at least.

Here is a list of all the Stampin Blends available for you to purchase.  To place your order, either click here, or click on an image below.

These are the just released colors:

These are the previously released colors:

These markers have made the biggest difference in my paper crafting in the last year.  They are so easy to use, you don't need 32 greens to get a fabulous look to your projects.  If you haven't explored the world of Stampin Blends, click here to learn more about them.  On that post, I offer up suggestions on what to start with if you aren't ready to dive right in and grab them all 🙂

OK, as you saw in the video, I only had a few done, I am off to finish up my velcro work and then I can cross Store Stampin Blends off my to do list, which also feels amazing!

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