I am so totally in love with my new Stampin’ Up! Dynamic Embossing Folder – well ALL of the new Dynamic Embossing Folders, actually!  They add SO SO much to a card with just one spin through my Sizzix Big Shot by Stampin’ Up! that I simply cannot stop using them!  Take a look at a project I just made using the new Pinewood Planks folder:

Easily add a TON of texture with a stampin up dynamic embossing folder

Here’s a shot from the other side so you can see how truly FULLY dimensional these folders can make your paper:

So much fabulous texture from one stampin up dynamic embossing folder


There are five of these 3D Dynamic Textured Impressions Embossing Folders and I have them ALL and if Stampin’ Up! offered 12, I would have every single one!  Just look at these beautiful designs!

Aren’t they GORGEOUS? Each one creates this deep, touchable, luscious texture that takes a card from nice to WOW! Here are a couple of tips when start out with your first Stampin’ Up! dynamic embossing folder. First, spritz your cardstock with a little rubbing alcohol (use a Stampin’ Spritzer and just keep it at your cutting station); this will help the fibers in the paper “relax” a little (sorta like a half a glass of wine) and allow them to “take” the texture more easily and without cracking. You CAN do this with water – go very lightly – but you will have to wait for it to dry out whereas the alcohol dries almost immediately.  Second, use only ONE clear cutting plate! That’s shown in the catalog but it’s easy to forget how incredibly heavy duty and thick these folders are.

Here’s another look at this card – see how you can see not just the grooves between the “planks” but the woodgrain effect so crisply?

Just look what a stampin up dynamic embossing folder can do for your project


And yet another because I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous natural wood look:

Gorgeous texture from a stampin up dynamic embossing folder

The other thing that is so wonderful about using a Stampin’ Up! dynamic embossing folder is that because the folder gives you such a rich, detailed panel, you don’t have to go extra detailed on your additional card elements. You can see that I used some very basic pieces to finish this card and I do think it’s super cute!  Change out the greeting and you’ve got yet another card you can use for any occasion. AND because most of the work is done by the embossing folder, this makes a great batch card, too!

Here are the other products I used to make this card:

One last look at this beauty:


I am totally in love with my new stampin up dynamic embossing folder


Now that I have introduced you to the absolute joy of these incredibly awesome Dynamic Embossing Folders add one to your shopping list or wish list and join the club of happy Stampin’ Up! Dynamic Embossing Folder ADDICTS!



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