Stampin Blends Q & A

Q: Are they any good? I bought the Blendabilities when SU first came out with them, are these any better?
A: The honest answer is that I don’t know. But here is what I do know. It took months of the product being on the market before there were issues with them drying out. The caps were supposed to be air tight and they weren’t. With all the hundreds of products that Stampin’ Up! has released, this one product line didn’t do well. Stampin’ Up! did make it right and offered a product credit for Blendabilities purchases. They do stand by their products. So I feel confident in saying that if there is an issue, they will do right by them.

Q: Why are there only two shades of each color?
A: Simplicity at its finest. If you are really looking for 28 shades of green, then these are not the markers for you. You would be looking for an alcohol marker like Copic.

Q: How do you store them?
A: My preference is with them laying horizontally. It’s just a gravity thing. Since the markers are dual tipped, keep the ink level between the two tips.

Q: Why only 12 colors? Will they come out with more?
A: Thank goodness there are only 12! Emily likes it when we feed her food instead of markers! All kidding aside, there are rumors that there are more colors and rumors that there aren’t. We have no idea until we see them being launched.

Q: Do I need the whole set?
A: YES! Kidding! Go with what works for you. Think about the projects you are going to make first and then decide. I am optimistic that I will get ahead on my card making in 2018, so I wanted to have all the soft colors for springtime but also the bolds for right now – like shading leaves in Pumpkin Pie, Cherry Cobbler and Daffodil Delight.

Q: What if I can only get one set right now, which should I get?
A: Please don’t get any and here is the honest answer why. I want you to have the best experience with your markers. I have thought long and hard about this. If you only have one color, my fear is that you will be rapidly disappointed that you don’t have two or three colors. You should be delighted with your purchase! Therefore I would wait until you can purchase the three colors, two neutrals and the lifter before moving forward. (wow – I am a TERRIBLE sales person!)

Q: Is there a price break in getting the entire set.
A: Nope! However, you are scary close to Stampin’ Rewards that kick in at $150 in merchandise. And that is better than getting a free marker, right?

Q: How much do they cost?
A: They are $4.50 each. Some do come in a set for $9.00 but you can also purchase them individually.

Q: What is the difference between Stampin’ Up!’s previous alchohol markers that were discontinued?
A: The overall concept is the same as the previous ones, except how they are sold. They used to only come in a set of 3, you could not buy individually. Now they are a set of 2 and can be purchased individually. Before, there was a problem with the seal of the cap. Stampin' Up! went back and forth with the manufacturers and could not get this issue resolved, so they discontinued them rather than continue to sell potentially defective product. I say potentially because some of my stampers still have their Blendabilities and still use them. It was more of a consistency issue with quality on the caps. New manufactures and rigorous testing – not to say there weren't before, it was just an issue with the manufacturer more than anything else. If you have ever worked with manufacturers, they can be your best asset or your worst nightmare 🙂

Q: What is the Lifter?
A: It is magic in a marker! It is your eraser, your blender, your highlighter, your texture maker and more.

Q: Will you be showing videos using these?
A: YES! Here is a collection of videos for you 🙂

Q: If you buy the entire set, is the Color Lifter included or is it sold separate?
A: YES to both 🙂

Q: Are they refillable?
A: No. There are not refills or replacement tips for the Blends.

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