Need Some Color Inspirations?

There are three different ways I make cards…

The first is what I call “totally inspired”.  This is when I know exactly what I am creating, often I know who I am creating for, I know the texture, the colors, the accessories.  I can visualize most of it, and the rest falls into place quite easily.   It's like when you can taste the lasagna before you make it.  Things click as you are going through the creative process, distractions aren't an issue and you are just on creative fire with your stamps that day.

The next is what I call “somewhat inspired”.  This is when I start with an idea for just part of the card.  I often don't know specifically who will receive this card.  I use that as a jumping off point for the card.  Sometimes this is a sketch – it gives you the “blue print” of what to create and then you fill it in.  Another that I love is color inspirations.  These are what I use most.  I look everywhere for ideas of colors that go together.  For me, I keep these all in one place.  The list grows and gets used and I make sure to highlight my favorites.

The third is what I call “spontaneous inspiration”.  This is when I walk into my stamp area and have no idea what I am doing.  I start grabbing random items because I am simply in the mood to create.  There is no purpose other than that.  No one I am creating for, no specific reason.  It is all impromptu.  This is when I normally make a huge freaking mess.  Everything is pulled out, the music is on, and it just might take a glass of wine (or two) before I can even imagine cleaning up after that!

For me, I find myself in the “somewhat inspired” space.  I have something in mind as I start, but it isn't laser focused.

(Be sure to keep reading, as I have a question for you!)

And obviously we are going to talk about color, as the title implies…

Each Monday in Stamping Family, we share a new color inspiration.  Not only do I use them, but also the members can play along with them.  It is amazing to see what others create using the same or similar colors – often our cards look vastly different.  Using color as an inspiration is a great way to open the door to creativity!

This is a recent one:


Stamping Family Color Inspiration 95


So where did this one come from?  A cheer uniform.

I spent a lot of time this past year at competitive cheer competitions.  It was my daughter's first year on the team and we traveled a bunch.  Some of the uniforms were the typical colors you would probably expect, but this one really stood out.  It was a dusty rose color with a subtle blue – it wasn't a vibrant bright blue or a deep navy, just a pretty blue.  The colors stuck with me and I found myself looking forward to seeing that team perform.

This combination went on my list and was recently used in Stamping Family.

Want to see mine?

I started with the colors.  I pulled out the card stock, the ink pads, some accessories in these colors.

Then it was time to look at my stamps.  What did I have that worked for these colors?  What kind of message would I want the card to have.  There are two new ones that couldn't wait to use.



Color Inspirations


Next it was time to stamp!  I use the same flower for the edges of the front of my card that I did for the inside of my card.


Color Inspirations


Then it was time to add some ribbon – I knew I wanted a bow, so I grabbed my 10 Second Bow Maker and went to town.


Color Inspirations


Now we were ready to put the card together and add the finishing touches.


Color Inspirations


And just like that, our card is born – all from using a Stamping Family Color Inspiration.


Color Inspirations


We are rapidly approaching 100 different Color Inspirations in Stamping Family.  So if you are looking for some that are proven – this isn't something where I randomly pull colors hoping to stump people, it's not that kind of site – then come and check it out!  Go to and see what you think.  We are all about helping and supporting our members, not frustrating them 🙂

If you find yourself wanting to make this card or something similar and you need the supplies to make it, here are the links from my online store.  To order, simply click a pic!




OK, so I said above that I would ask you a question.  In the comments section below, please tell me what category of crafter you find yourself to be most of the time.  I really do want to know!!!  The comments do have to be approved, so if they don't show up right away, that is why.  But answer the question and it will get approved!!

Thank you so much for joining me today where we are discussing color inspirations.  I hope that try something that is inspired by color the next time to go to stamp!  See you in the next post!

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