Making an Animal Print Thank You Card

I like animal prints, so why not share a project you that is all about Making an Animal Print Thank You Card.

Step 1:  Pick Your Colors

Start with your animal print, that will help you pick your color palette.  I chose a zebra print, so that gave me black and white.  For fun, I threw some yellow in with it.


Making an Animal Print Thank You Card


Step 2:  Choose Your Sentiment

For me, this is going to be a thank you card.  I went with a set that has two parts with it.


Making an Animal Print Thank You Card


Step 3:   Decide On Your Layout

Sometimes we tend to over think this.  This is how I chose my layout:  The waviness and random pattern of the zebra print led me to wanting something more traditional with my shapes.  Mixing straight lines with curves is great for your card making design.

 paper crafting tip



Step 4:  Enhancing Your Sentiment

Do you want to?  There are several ways to do this.  My two favorite ways are with adding color or with doodling.  (Doodling is something that we covered a bunch, I think there are 4 separate videos on enhancing your cards with doodling, over in Stamping Family.  If you aren't a member, you should check it out!)

For this card, we are going with adding color, as the one stamped image really begs to be colored in.




Step 5:  Pulling It All Together

This can be determining the number of mats you want or deciding how much dimension you want to add.  Since I really wanted the zebra print to pop, I added quite a few mats.  Here is the reasoning, think about framing a picture.  The more mats you add, the more the picture stands out, right?  Same with your card making.  Many think that by making the zebra print bigger that then you really focus on it, but it is just the opposite.  By matting it and making it smaller, it pops even more.




Step 6:  Embellishing!

For this card though, I did, but it was very subtle.  The only real embellishing I did was to create a banner from the right hand side of my sentiment.  Remember that embellishing doesn't mean just adding “stuff”, it means to improve or beautify by adding detail or ornament (thank you!)




Step 7:  Showing Off Your Creation!

Pop it in the mail, post it in the Stamping Family gallery, or show it to a neighbor!


Stamping Family Gallery


So now what?  Make sure you have the supplies you need!

To order any of the supplies I used here (any many are retiring and are only available while supplies last), simply click a pic below!


Product List


Thank you so much for joining me for today's project – I hope you enjoyed it!  Be sure to check back several times this week as new projects and info is being added!  Next time we won't be making an animal print thank you card, but we will use some similar elements.



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