Today I want to share a personal story with you and show you how to make cute thank you cards fast and easy with nothing more than paper, stamps and washi tape – with a little bling for fun!

First, I want to say that, hands down, my favorite Sale-A-Bration stamp set this year is So Very Much. Why? Well it's all my grandmother's fault.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. That I don't look at her picture, and in all honesty – that I don't talk to her. She was 50 years older than me and yet we were thick as thieves – we got into a lot of mischief and just were typically up to no good. Despite that age difference, she really was my best friend and a lot of my character comes from her.

My grandmother taught me that you can never say “Thank You” enough. Even when you think you have, you still haven't! And as I have gotten older, I have learned that she was absolutely correct.

Thank you cards are probably my favorite cards to make and I think I got that from her, too. March 23rd was her birthday and I still can't believe she has been gone for over ten years. But I ALWAYS think of her when I make a Thank You card and I think that's one of the ways I stay connected to her love.

That said, she would not have liked THIS card at all! Take a look:


how to make cute thank you cards


She didn't like black and the rough edges of the washi tape would have driven her nuts! She was all about clean lines and such. Not me! Here's another look:


how to make cute thank you cards


That is the great thing about card making – you can make the card your style or the recipients! It's so very versatile!

Something I want to point out that, despite being only a one-layer card, this project has some depth to it. The tiny dots on the background paper with the larger polka-diamonds – yes, that's a thing because I say it is – on the black washi tape make that white panel “float” so you have a lot of visual interest with just that one layer. Here's a peek to show you it truly IS flat:


how to make cute thank you cards - flat


Here are the supplies I used to make this card:


And one last thing about this project, well most projects actually; I always try to do a little something inside the card. They feel more finished to me and there's nothing like the surprise of even more cuteness inside a card for the recipient. Here's what I did to this one:


how to make cute thank you cards - inside


Isn't that a nice touch? It only takes a few seconds and sometimes I can even use scraps from the pieces I use on the front of the card!

This set is only available for just a few more days, so if you think you might need to say Thank You to someone in your world – grab this set. I PROMISE you won't be sad you did. And it's a Sale-A-Bration set, which means it is free with a $50 order – and free stamps always stamp better <wink, wink>.

Now you've got a new trick for how to make cute thank you cards using some pretty basic materials – go forth and say “Thank You”!




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