So, are you like me and are always looking for special handmade birthday cards for men ideas that aren't so manly that they smell like Axe Body Spray?

If so, read on.  If not – have a great day!!!

Still here?  Great!

I was playing around the other day after making this card and I got to thinking, my man is sweet (80% of the time), ice cream is sweet, what about making a card for my sweetie WITH a sweetie?  And – voila! – check it out:


Handmade Birthday Cards For Men Ideas


Now of COURSE this doesn't HAVE to be for a man! But how often do you handmade birthday cards for men ideas that could be used for either gender?  Not often, right? So make a stash of these and you will never have to choose between a “manly” or a “girly” birthday card.  I know, right? I can hear the applause.

Here's a peek at the greeting:


Handmade Birthday Cards For Men Ideas closeup


And here's a closeup of that fabulous ice cream cone:


Handmade Birthday Cards For Men Ideas ice cream closeup


#adorbs, right?

Doesn't it really look like a frosty freezy soft serve swirl? I heat embossed the swirl onto the background with clear embossing powder which I think adds so much visual interest with so little effort. And the cone just kills me – it's SO cute!

Below are the items I used to make this card.  Simply click a pic – add it to your shopping cart and I will totally love you even more for shopping with me today!


Just like the other card, I really let the background paper do a lot of the design work for me. Stampin' Up! has always done a great job of giving us both large- and small-scale prints in the Designer Series Paper packages giving us a chance to do more creating without going nuts trying to match everything up.  Which is great, cuz that is not my strength!

There you go – one of those rare handmade birthday cards for men ideas that can be ALSO be used for the sweet ladies in your life!




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