Five Minute Crafts with Paper

Many don't believe it's possible to create five minute crafts with paper.  And while they are busy lugging out their heavy big shot and spending hours looking through their stamps to choose just the right thing, you will see just how easy this whole card making thing can be.

To make this card, you will want:  one sentiment stamp, two floral stamps, one texture stamp, one piece of white card stock and one piece of neutral card stock.  Add in three ink pads, some adhesive and your paper trimmer and you are all set!

Here are the items I am using specifically.  But remember, you can use whatever you want, but to teach this, I had to use something 🙂


The Supplies

To order any of these supplies, all you need to do is click on a picture below 🙂


The Dimensions

Since we are only using two pieces of card stock, this will be a short list:

  • Whisper White:  4″ x 5-1/4″
  • Smoky Slate:  4-1/4″ x 11″, or 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″, depending on if you want the opening to be at the bottom or the side, your choice!


Choosing the Stamps

Here is the first stamp set I am using called Bloom by Bloom.  When it comes to making cards like this, the five minute crafts with paper, this is an ideal set.

Take a look:


stampin up bloom by bloom



In this one set, we accomplished three of the four of our needed stamps.  We got our two flowers and our texture.  You might be wondering if I drank a bit too much wine over the weekend when it comes to the texture stamp.  Do you see it on there?  It's there.  To me there are actually three texture stamps.

So what is a texture stamp?

It's anything really that isn't a specific image, like a flower.  Do you see all the stamps with just dots?  Those are them.  They are sooooo much more than just the dots for the middle of a flower.

For our sentiment stamp set, I can't recommend the Butterfly Gala stamp set enough.  And honestly, I don't really care for the butterflys, I am in it for the sentiments.  Check these out…


stampin up butterfly Gala



Amazing sentiments with wonderful font pairing!  Let's take a minute and just stare at it….

Just kidding, but you can if you want to.

Moving on…

Rather than show you each step with the stamping, I am going to share the entire card and then talk about each step.  I think it is explained better this way.


The Project

five minute crafts with paper



What to Stamp First

When it comes to making simple cards like this, stamp your biggest item first.  In this case, it will be our sentiment.

Then go to your next biggest, for this card it will the blue flower.  Stamp your blue flowers around your sentiment first.  The reason you want to do this is so that at the end if you need to add another big flower to make the card look more balanced, you don't want to add one too close to your sentiment. After you are done with your big flower it is time to move onto your next prominent color.

For this card it will be the smaller flower.  You can, of course, change it up for your card, but we want to work with next what is going to pop most.  So size and/or color will tell you the prominent images.  Sprinkle this smaller flower in your gaps, but don't do too many, as we want to make sure we have room for our texture stamp.  You can see that mine fall mainly between two blue flowers or in between a blue flower and a sentiment.

Finish up with your texture stamp.  These usually work best, but it's not a hard rule, when you stamp them in a neutral color.  When it comes to choosing your neutral color, think blacks/grays or browns.  I didn't like the blue and yellow with brown, but then again, I usually always prefer blacks/grays for my neutrals over browns.

In your gaps on your card front, stamp your texture image, don't forget about going off the edge of your card stock.



It's weird to have this as a section heading as there is only one step:  Adhere your white stamped piece to your card base.  Ta-da!


Your Turn

Think of how many different ways you can use this card layout.  Change up the colors and make this card in four different color palettes, bundle them up and give them as a gift.  Change up the sentiment and the sky's the limit.

It all starts with having a few key items, great quality items that will last you and last you.  I listed exactly what I used above, and I am thrilled with the outcome.


five minute crafts with paper | simple handmade card



Pin It For Later

Want to save this image so you can easily find it while you are waiting for your new stamps to arrive?  Here is a great sized image for you to use for Pinterest.  Simply pin it to your I Teach Stamping with Meg board to easily find it again.


five minute crafts wtih paper | handmade card



See You Soon

In our next post, we are decorating a treat holder and making a coordinating card!  So be sure to check back soon to see that one.  See what I mean about five minute crafts with paper being not only possible, but also stunning!?!??!  See you soon, Meg



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