Batch Card Making Ideas


You've heard me mention batch card making or “Batch Cards” a lot and today I want to explain why batch card making can change your life!  Ok, maybe that's a leetle bit dramatic but once you start some batch card making sessions, you will be flagging ALL my posts that talk about it.

In short, batch card making or batch cards are when you make a whole – you guessed it – BATCH of cards to either send all at once, like with an invitation or holiday card OR want a whole bunch of cards in your stash, ready to send.

I LOVE batch cards! You can make huge batches as with a big batch card making session where you make a stack of cards all at once using an easy prototype like this one or this one. OR you can make a big batch step by step like I would here by cutting all the card fronts, then the panels, then cut and notch the banners (which is a great thing to do when you have to watch Frozen for the eleventybillionth time), stamp the tags, punch the tags, make the bows – with the 10 Second Bow Maker, of course! – and then assemble later when you have the space and time.

OR you can make smaller batches using One Sheet Wonder Templates like this one, using up scraps like I did here or using any of the wonderful kits from Stampin' Up!

You know that feeling when you have a couple of dinners in the freezer and you get so excited when you realize you have something right there at the ready? Or when you've been to the store and your pantry is full and you can pick and choose what you want and need? That's what having batch cards all ready to go is all about.

So schedule yourself a batch card making session, crank out a big ol' batch of cards and sit back and know that you have something YOU made to send at a moment's notice.



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