I know I am not alone when I say I want to learn more about card making crafts with scrap paper. I am all about using what I and you have and not always adding to the stash. One of the ways I am trying to do this is to use up all the strips and squares and what have yous after a card making sesh. Take a look at today's example:


card making crafts with scrap paper


I had this strip of patterned paper I could have just put on my white – or I could have layered onto a piece of card stock… but I thought if I did that that my labels layers would get a little muddled – and we can't have muddled cards now, can we :)?

Instead, I reached for a tool I often forget to use for things like this – I grabbed my Simply Scored and made a dry embossed border for my paper at both the top and the bottom. Looks cute, and costs only about 100 brain cells to remember to use this tool! You might be able to see it better here:

crafts with scrap paper- making trash into a treasure

See that little shadow of a line above and below the strip? In real life it adds a nice definition to that space and with the label hanging over the top and bottom lines, it gets visually anchored to the card and makes the greeting stand out.  Here's another peek:


crafts with scrap paper using a leftover strip as a focal point

Am I the only one that forgets to do things like this?

Here are the other items I used to make this project:


So let's talk about that ribbon… it was serendipity that I had stamped my flowers in Bermuda Bay – because I have that ribbon – and didn't plan this card when I initially stamped and TADA – serendipity! It is the perfect size ribbon for this card. And even though it's a nice thin width, I was able to create that super sweet little bow using my 10 Second Bow Maker. They are BACK IN STOCK and selling like MAD – if you had to wait to order one, get it now!

Speaking of ribbon – here is the skinny. The retiring list is out and almost ALL the current ribbon is on it. So please don't wait to get the ribbon you love, the ribbon you have been eyeing, the ribbon that will make all of your projects TADA the way that this card did. Please don't wait – every year I get calls that break my stamping heart because people are so disappointed they missed out.

Look at your patterned paper scraps – start gathering them up and organize them and USE them. And don't just think cards – apply this and my other tips and and experience all the other ways you can create crafts with scrap paper!



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