Red, White and Blue Greeting Card Idea for Memorial Day

Today is a very special day for those of us in the USA – so I went with this Red, White and Blue Card for my greeting card idea for Memorial Day.

If you have followed my blog for a while, you probably know that I prefer making cards with a specific person in mind, rather than just grabbing stamps and going to town.  And I also love me some polka dots!  I wanted to see if I could mix the two today for a masculine card.

MANY years ago, rather than getting specific on the number of years, I had a kitten that I couldn't keep in my apartment, so the hubby let me keep the kitten at his house.  I went by to feed said kitten and there was a guy standing bent over, where all I saw was the back side of him.  He was in the living room in bright yellow boxer shorts that had a big happy face image on his backside.

That was how I met the hubby's roommate that had returned from summer break (Matt and I were dating at this point).  It was not your usual introduction, but seeing how he was really cute, I didn't mind :).  This was Darryn.  The hubby grew up with Darryn.  Darryn and I became pretty good friends, always laughing and cutting up – he was just awesome!

He went into the military right after graduation.  And it was a few years until we saw him again at his brother's wedding, but it was just like not a moment had passed as we caught up.  Great guy!

When our phone rang a little over four years ago letting us know that Darryn had been killed while serving in Afghanistan, well, I am guessing you can imagine.  His son, and at the time unborn daughter, won't ever know him, or know his infectious laugh.  And I can't imagine what his wife has gone through.

I don't like to dwell on sadness, but to spend time with my memories of him is what Memorial Day is all about.

If you find yourself on US77 from Cameron City Limits north to Falls County, you will be driving on US Army 2nd Lt. Darryn D. Andrews Memorial Highway.

red, white and blue greeting card idea, memorial day, darryn andrews

It was great to spend time with my memories of him as I stamped this morning.  I almost went with an obnoxious bright yellow smiley face card, but opted for the beautiful colors of our country.

Each part of this card has something to do with him.  I won't go into all of it, but know that from the chevron background to the polka dots even (which is a funny story!) to the stars and ribbon – it is all him.

red, white and blue greeting card idea, memorial day, darryn andrews

Expressing yourself – your thoughts, your feelings, your joy, your sadness – through your art is very powerful and moving.  When I go back and look at pictures of this card, I won't just see a card, I won't notice the dry embossing, the punched pieces or stamps, I will instantly come back to my thoughts as I was creating it.

red, white and blue greeting card idea, memorial day, darryn andrews

Thank you Darryn for all the laughs, from shaving the cat's head to the night of the bad dreams – thanks for being you – you were awesome just the way you were.  Thank you Darryn for your ultimate sacrifice!  I pray I never forget you.


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