So yesterday I was prepping for stamp camp that will take place on Saturday and check out everything that arrived to do that….

Stamp Camp Supplies

That is why there was no posting yesterday due to extreme card stock cutting!  I should do a contest to see if you can guess how many rolls of ribbon I went through yesterday!

Now onto the what to do…

My husband was leaving work this morning and there was a kitten under the tire of his truck.  Matt moved him and kitty followed him into the station three times.  Then when Matt got back in his truck, kitty went back under the truck.  Now, for those of you that do not know Matt, he should have been a vet.  He loves all animals and it is amazing that our house is not full of them.  So he walks in the door and tells me that there is an animal that he plans to take to the shelter.  We go to the garage and there is no longer a kitty in the box, he is roaming the garage.  We tried to keep him away from Emily so that she did not see him (or her – not sure), that did not happen.  She went to school telling everyone that Daddy brought her home a kitty.  What to do, what to do…

Help us decide, what do you think?  Post your thoughts below, please!


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