Let’s start with a simple question…

What is Paper Pumpkin?

It is an auto-ship stamping kit by Stampin’ Up!

Designed to be a mystery, a surprise, a delight that arrives in your mailbox each month – we never know what to expect.  It’s not always cards, it is sometimes 3D projects and some seasonal.

While I am the first to like a paper crafting surprise in the mail, in the beginning, it was a HUGE let down.  I would get my box, and once opened, kept digging through the tissue paper towards the bottom of the box, thinking there must be more in there.

After two months of this, I quit the program.  No way was I paying for Paper Poopkin.

I must not have been alone in my thoughts on the early kit, as about 8 months into the program, Stampin’ Up! announced big changes to it.

Still skeptical, I just watched the program for a few months.

Was it better?

It is MUCH better, in fact, I am now a huge fan of the program.  I like the mystery and the delight.  I like that the kit price includes the shipping.  I like not knowing what I am getting.

But I get that surprises are not for everyone.  And after a few months, I had gathered a lot of feedback from my Paper Pumpkin subscribers.

What do my subscribers think?

This was the most overwhelming feedback from my subscribers:

They liked it, but only when it was for cards.  They didn’t like the 3D projects.

Some didn’t like that they couldn’t see what the kits would be before it shipped, so you couldn’t opt-out.

But what I found amazing, was that even when they didn’t like the 3D projects – they still LOVED the stamp sets!!!

That really resonated with me, as I am the same.

The sets are great!  The sets, for the most part, are sets that would sell for $10-$14 in my opinion.  And then you would be paying for shipping regardless, right?  Sometimes the kits are a hit, and sometimes they get broken apart and used for all kinds of other projects.  Sometimes, the elements simply go in the trash – or into Emily’s craft bin.

What do I think about Paper Pumpkin?

About a month ago, I finally was able to put my thoughts into a cohesive sentence that explained exactly how I view the kit:

“It’s an exclusive stamp set in each box – and sometimes there is a bonus awesome kit along with it!” – Meg Daves

Another one of my stampers loves the kit for what it means to her.  To her, it is 100% disposable.  Now hang with me, don’t faint when I explain…

It’s different for everyone.

She gets her kits, creates her projects, and then everything that is left – from the ink spot to the stamp set (GASP!), goes in the trash.  For her, this kit is perfect.  She has no guilt about not keeping the stamps – she makes her projects that go with it – but she has no desire to build up supplies, to keep a craft stash, or to use them again.

We all craft differently, and I like surprises.  I like stamps randomly (OK, it is slightly randomly) arriving at my mailbox.

There are a couple of different ways to try it out:

1.  Go with a prepaid subscription.  Try it for three months, try it for six months.  You aren’t committed to anything after that.  See if it is for you.

2.  Rip off the bandaid.  Sign up for the ongoing subscription.  It is only $20/month – and remember, that INCLUDES SHIPPING!

Click here to try it either way!

Whether you want to try it or not, I wanted to let you know my honest Paper Pumpkin review!

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