What a week this has been!  Does anyone else really not like February?  I mean, it's ok and all, but I always feel a little ripped off that there are only 28 days!  I think some of the 31 day months should offer up a day to it and help it out!

Regardless of all that rambling, it's been a fun, creative week over here working on a whole bunch of stuff for a whole bunch of things!

Let's go over it all…

Papercrafting Triple Play

With it being the 1st of the month, the newest issue of Papercrafting Triple Play was released.  I know I probably shouldn't brag on myself with these projects, but honestly, I just love them!

With each month, I get a lot of questions about the Triple Play, what it is, what it is not… so here it is…

What it is:  Papercrafting Triple Play is an online class that focuses more on 3D projects:  boxes and bags, a card sketch and then our “curve ball project” that is a something – or as my mother in law says, “sumpin” – I love her dearly and she knows I tease her about this, right to her face, not just behind her back or publicly online 🙂  It's all pre-recorded so you can watch it whenever you want.

All the projects include:

  • VIDEOS walking you through it all
  • TEMPLATE PACKET with all the dimensions and diagrams for it all, boxes/bags/card sketch/curveball, all of it
  • FULL LIST OF SUPPLIES (even though it is about the layouts and templates and not the specific supplies I use)
  • SIMPLE website to navigate


What it isn't:  Papercrafting Triple Play is not about making you purchase specific products each month so that you can make them.  I keep my supplies to a minimum and repeat as many of the same supplies from project to project each month so that the projects themselves are the focus, not the particular flower punch I used.  I personally don't like classes where you have to have every single product or else your projects look like poop.

Click here to see the latest issue of Papercrafting Triple Play.


Stamping Family

What a month it has been with Stamping Family!  Oy vey!  We started the migration process of moving the site to a different server and also make it a secure server.  Which was not something that concerned me as I have NEVER had your payment info on that site, that part has always been separate from the site with an extremely secure server, I just didn't worry about protecting the images of cards in the past.  But I heard from many of you that this was a concern for you, so guess what… it became a concern for me!

It's not just a file copy and paste job.  It would seem like that's all it is, but it's so much more than that.  After a lot of shower-less days and laser focus working with the tech team at the new hosting company, some tears, yep – wine was involved, I am thrilled to say that it is complete!

I am so grateful for all the members of Stamping Family that were so supportive as this all took place.  I think the site was down for a total of a day, so not bad at all, and these family members held me in a collective hug as it was going on.  They are the most amazing women ever!  The cards I got in the mail, the posting on the site, the everything…. let me tell ya, if you are papercrafter and you are nice and want to surround yourself with other nice women that are amazing crafters, you really need to come and check us out.

The greatest thing about Stamping Family is that you can be as active as you want.  You can truly be a lurker (as I am in other groups I am in!) or you can be in there daily and posting your projects.  It's a site that's all about you crafting more and learning.

Today marked a big day for me in the site.

Today I posted exclusive video #476 in the site.  Let that sink in for a bit…. video # 4.7.6.

So other than that being a big number, if you are wondering why that number is significant…

Many years ago the idea for the site began on a napkin.  And for my HUGE goal section, it says, “One day have over 475 videos”.  From video #1 through #100, to #200, to #300, to #400, this elusive 475 has stayed at the forefront of my mind.

There were all kinds of doubts to go along with it…. would people stick around to video #475?  The answer is YES!  What is mind blowing to me is how many ORIGINAL members are still in there.

And am I stopping with #476?  Of course not!! There are new videos added each and every week.  The focus of the site is on card making, which is what makes it different from Papercrafting Triple Play.

If you aren't a member, please come and check us out.  There is no minimum commitment on how long you have to stay a member, we're not like those other sites.  If it's for you, great!  If it's not, great!

Click here to check out Stamping Family!


Wrap Up

I think that covers it most of it.  Sale-a-Bration is still going strong, but we are in the last month of it! There is a new video that I was going to post today, but I really felt the urge to write and share what has been going on.  The video post *should* go up tomorrow here on the blog.  I feel like I need a break from the dang computer, but I will do my best!

Have a wonderful March!!!  Hugs, Meg


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