Today I am really excited to show you an easy way to make a watercolor splash background that you can use on any kind of card. First let's take a look at the card:


A watercolor splash background is so easy to make


Ooh – I just love it! And the best part is that making a watercolor splash background is a fun and easy way to add color and depth to your backgrounds. Simply ink up your Aqua Painter and go to town on your watercolor paper!  I like to get the watercolor paper a little damp first so I can move the color around but if you are going for strong, vibrant brushstrokes you can skip that step. You can add more ink until you get it exactly how you want it.

Here's another peek from a different angle so you can see the gorgeous transparency of the color:


Learn how to make an easy watercolor splash background


I love how it fades out at the edges.

And another thing – I LOVE Lemon Lime Twist!  There, I said it. I thought I would hate it, but the more I use it, the more I want to use it. Especially with Berry Burst. It's stunning! As I said in this post sometimes you really have to see a color WITH other colors to A) understand why on EARTH it was added and B) how perfect it is when paired up.

If you think you will hate it, seriously, give it a try! The best way to try the new in colors is with an assorted card stock pack. That is how I start with every set of In Colors. Then I can see which colors I use the most to order full card stock packages. And to be honest, I usually do end up getting whole packs because after I use the new colors for a while, I can see the attractiveness of the colors together. Even Lemon Lime Twist!

Also on this project, I totally got into the whole texture and depth thing. With the watercolor splash background and then the two textural stamps over that and then the round panel and then the banner with that hint of lacy doily and one simple knot, I got a lot of “movement” from this card with very few elements – I love that!  Here's a better look:


Add a watercolor splash background to any card


In the supply links below, I added the assorted package to make it crazy easy for you to order. Just click on the items you like and you can build a cart and – voila – get your goodies right to your door!

Here's one more peek at this project:


How to add a watercolor splash background


If you are Stamping Family member, there will soon be a video up walking you through the entire process including tips and tricks I have discovered along the way. If you are not a Stamping Family member, we want you to come and hang out with us!  Click here to learn more! And then watch out for yet another free video on the site showing you how easy it is to add a watercolor splash background to your projects!



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