Washi Tape:  How to Make a Greeting Card Using Washi Tape from Stampin' Up! with a Video Tutorial!

I am short on time here lately, and still in need of cards.  Ahh, the dilemma that so many stampers and paper crafters find themselves in, right?  I was talking to a fellow stamper on the phone yesterday and as things change in her stage of life, she finds less and less time to craft.  And we were using the word “simple” a lot!  She needs simple projects, and my friends, so do I!

What about you?  Is simple a word that you need more and more of here lately?  Drop me a comment and let me know!

So this card is simple, crazy simple.  I made this card last week and then my group of local stampers came over and made this.  Not a single one of them needed more than 5 minutes to make the card.  Wowsers, right?  I made a video of it and the entire video, even with my intro and closing is three minutes and 41 seconds.  Bam!

What was the inspiration for the card?  Washi Tape!  Now, Washi Tape is not new, not new at all.  Stampin' Up! introduced it this year in it's big catalog and then again in the Holiday catalog.  To say that they were late for the ball is an understatement, so let's just say they were “Fashionably Late”.   Yesterday on my Facebook Page, I asked who wanted a Week of Washi and there were quite a few of you, so I got my craft on and went to town!

Most of you know my story, and my love for paper crafts would not exist if it weren't for product coordination.  (I fully support Garanimals and feel like they should make adult clothes too!)  So while I had seen Washi Tape on the stamping scene, and had even bought some, none of the colors were right.  Not even the black for the black and white polka dots.  And that meant frustration and a trash can.  You must know that I was thrilled to see Washi that was a match for my card stock and patterned paper.

I could either keep on rambling about it, or just show it to you.  I tend to ramble more on Monday's but obviously it carried over to Wednesday.

Washi Tape: How to Make a Greeting Card Using Washi Tape from Stampin' Up!


And here is the Washi Tape Greeting Card Video Tutorial:

I hope that you have enjoyed today's card and video tutorial in this Week of Washi!  Be sure to check out my Facebook Page for another project today.  And Stamping Family members, there will be a project in there too later today!  Not a family member?  Check it out and join your fellow paper crafters in there today!

And more: How to Make a Greeting Card Using Washi Tape from Stampin' Up later this week with more video tutorials!

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