Can you stand looking at more gorgeous washi tape greeting cards? I thought so based on the response I got when I started showing them off! Here's another card that I think it just so, well, gorgeous with its fabulous Pop of Pink against the simplicity of white and a one word greeting. Take a peek at the card:

Washi tape greeting cards

Is that not SO gorgeous? And it's all done with the power of the tape! You can apply the tape a couple of different ways to get the matching straight lines. If you have a great eye you can cover your square first, lay it down on your panel and eyeball it. Or if you are like me and you want to get it right but not have a giant fuss over it, you can lay your square on top of the panel with ONE Dimensional in the center, lay your tape over it and, using an Exacto knife, cut the tape at the very edge of the square. There will be juuuuuust enough tape at the edge from the added thickness of that Dimensional to smooth under the panel. Clear as mud? Try it – you will see – it's easier than it sounds.

Gently pull off your square, add your bow and re-adhere with additional Dimensionals. And, of course if you are bow challenged as I am, be sure to grab that 10 Second Bow Maker and make everyone wonder how you do it so perfectly every time.

Here is another similar project to this one if you don't like the washi going all the way across.

Here are the products I used to make this card:



I hope I am convincing you all to try out washi tape! I love that Stampin' Up! has made sure that every collection of washi tape they offer has coordinating products so I didn't feel like I took a gamble and was left with something I couldn't use. The more I use it the more I have to admit it certainly has a place in my crafting stash! And now I can say that yes, I DO make washi tape greeting cards!




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