Do you struggle with ideas for how to use your paper scraps in ways that are cute and DON'T look like “leftovers”? I was playing around the other day with some odds and ends left on my table and I actually think this could make a cute batch card AND help you use your paper scraps in a productive way! Then again, have you ever made a card you weren't totally sure about?  I think I like this and I would LOVE your feedback!

Take a look:

how to use your paper scraps on a card

This started with an idea I had for a card to use a variety of scraps I have laying around, and to concentrate those items into one area of the card. I grabbed some extra punch pieces, stamped the sentiment, grabbed a scrap of the fabulous coffee paper, threw in some washi tape….. I know that not everyone loves a card that is super froo-froo, over detailed, etc. and thought this was a refreshing counterbalance to a card like, say, this one from the other day.

I also LOVE to show how you can use your paper scraps on the INside of a card – check it out:

A great way to use your paper scraps


It's so nice to give the inside of a hand stamped card some love and this is where you can use your paper scraps to add that little extra something to make the card feel so special.

Of course, since I used scraps I can't really give you a supply list, but here are the products that were the sources for what I used on this card:

One more look….

A quick and easy way to use your paper scraps

No, I DO want to know what you think!  And I would love it if you left me a comment below. And share with me – is this something you would do to use your paper scraps on a card?

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