Today I want to share with you one of the fun ways I know how to use Pattern Party decorative masks on projects.

There are loads of ways you can use these fun, washable, all-over patterned sheets. One of my favorite, though, is the very simple but oh-so-effective “pouncing” an inked sponge through the openings to create a lovely uniform pattern. And what's even better about this technique is that you can create some texture while you are inking thanks to the ability to layer ink and create gradations of color. Here's an example:


A fun way to use Pattern Party Decorative Masks

See how I was able to make those “bricks” look like they have some texture? That's just from an uneven application of the ink!  Handy, huh?  Here's another peek:


Learn how to use Pattern Party Decorative Masks


Isn't that cute?  And, just to be all fancy and stuff, I HAD to add a little stampin' love inside, too:


Pattern Party Decorative Masks make backgrounds easy


I try to always add a little sumthin' sumthin' inside my cards as a little extra surprise to the recipient. Adding just a little corner of this cute pattern with an overstamped additional greeting adds a lot of oomph with little time or effort.

I wanted to really SHOW you how easy this was so I made you a little video!



Here's a list of the fun things from Stampin' Up! that I used on this project:

Here's one last look – don't cry – I will be back with more fun things!

One fun way to use Pattern Party Decorative Masks



I hope this post encourages you to try these Pattern Party decorative masks – they can add a lot to a card and they are fun to use!



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