Use a Star Punch To Make a Card

I have stars on my mind here lately, and tomorrow I will share why.  But today, just know that I have stars on my mind.  With that, I wanted to see how simple (and FUN!) a card I could make really just focusing on the stars.  I went with the Star Punch from Stampin' Up! to make this card.  The size was not too big, it was not too small, it was just right!

With all that being said, I want to try something.  I want to paint a picture for you – with words.  I don't want to use a lot of pictures, in fact I will only use one.

As I describe it, I want to know if you can picture it.  And if you picture it, is it like mine?  Or did it inspire you in a completely different direction?

Let's find out…

What I really like about this card is that I could have grabbed any colors.  I went with primaries, but like I said, you could use any color – and you could also use patterned paper.

From the three primary colors, I punched out a star.  The star is about 1-1/2″ in diameter, so we can fit three across the front of the card.

Next, I sponged the edges of the stars using Craft White ink and a sponge dauber to make the stars pop off the card stock squares that I intentionally made the same color.  Each star was added to the card stock square of the same color using a Dimensional.

Don't like that look?  Try rotating them.  Put the yellow star on the blue card stock, the blue star on the red card stock and the red star on the yellow card stock!

Opting for the classic white on white look, a simple layer of Whisper White that was dry embossed was added to the Whisper White card base.  In my mind I was going to use the Lucky Stars embossing folder.  But thought it might just be too many stars 🙂

So instead, the fun new Sparkle embossing folder was picked.

Each of the squares with the stars on top, was placed across the middle of the card, filling the middle of the card from end to end.

Believe it or not, there isn't any stamping, any fancy techniques, no fussy embellishments.  Just a simple card with lots of texture, perfect without being overwhelming.

Well, what do you picture?

Was it anything like this?


Use a Star Punch To Make a Card




Use a Star Punch To Make a Card2



Yes, no, maybe so?  Leave it in the comments so I know.

If yes, is this something you would make?

If no, were you inspired to create something completely different?

If maybe so, is yours better than mine?  (be honest, you won't hurt my feelings!)

I think that beauty if found in simplicity and I think that we are equally challenged with less supplies than more!


Ready to try it out?  Want to see how many different cards you can create with these supplies?  I hope so!

Below is the list of supplies that I used.  If you need any of them, simply click on the item to go to my online store.  I certainly appreciate it when you order your Stampin' Up! supplies through me.


While I can't see your projects in the comments, if you are a member of Stamping Family you can upload your projects for all members to see.  That is one of the best parts to me – it is a small and close knit family that shares a ton of project ideas.  As a member you get access to that as well as all the other perks!

Thanks for joining me today for this star punch card, be sure to check back tomorrow and see why I have stars on my brain!

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