Hi! It's been a hot minute since I have posted! Today I will share a surgery update and tomorrow I will be back with new projects to share with you!

Overall, I am good and healing well. Matt has taken wonderful care of me, I couldn't have asked for better help!

The super good news is that the surgery was less involved than anticipated – yay!! Turns out that my meniscus is fine, it was a shadow from frayed cartilage. So even though the MRI showed a tear, there wasn't one.

The bad news is, all of this with my knee started with the pain behind my knee. I asked the surgeon about this pain before the surgery and again when he saw me after the procedure. He said it’s all connected. We fix the front and the back resolves.

Went for my follow up and I asked again when will the pain behind my knee resolve or start to resolve. After another physical exam, turns out the surgery will address none of that pain.

I am now outside the window for surgical repair for the muscle that is torn at the head and PT is my only option. PT is what I wanted to start out with, but they wanted to start with the MRI.

I have followed my healing faithfully. I have been allowed to put weight on my right leg only when going to the bathroom for the first 10 days. I am now able to stand a bit more.

My ice machine and I have entered into a different stage in our relationship, lol! I am hardly without it on, except at night.

Sleep has been my biggest issue, well, lack of sleep is more like it. I struggle with that a lot, so there have been a lot of naps.

I've watched 12 seasons of Survivor. I haven't watched that show since before 2006. I started with the last season and then worked backwards. Matt kept asking me questions about it. I haven't kept up with the seasons. I've told him that I may fall asleep during one season and wake up in the next season, and I don't feel like I've missed much.

We don't have a TV downstairs and I didn't go upstairs until yesterday. So all of this has been watched on my iPad.

Matt kept saying that we need to get me a TV for downstairs during this.

So this ties into my second personal share.

We have an open concept house, which has its pros and cons. The first con is that when you have a TV in the living room, that also means that you have a TV in the kitchen and dining area. I am 100% against having a TV on during dinner time. We have a strict “no devices” rule in our house for meal times. (It's sad that one of Emily's friends won't eat with us anymore because she can't handle putting her phone up at any time.)

In our last house, also open concept, it felt like our TV was always on. It was a 1 story house. So with this house, I said no TV downstairs. We've been here 8 years now and I still don't miss it. We have a game room upstairs that has a TV in it and that's all we need.

Watching Survivor yesterday though on a full size TV, wow, what a difference compared to a tablet!

That's enough of the TV conversation.

I start PT in the morning. I've left my house twice in 12 days. Still no driving, still no sitting with my knee bent for more than 45 minutes a day, lots of ice and elevation. The swelling is gone, the bruises are healing. And I am on my way to recovery!

The projects I will share over the next week are ones I did before my surgery that I thought I would be able to post last week. I was a bit over ambitious on what I thought I could do with leg elevated and while not sleeping, lol!

Lot's to share with you and I can't wait!


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