Hi Everyone!

Today is the first day I have been on my computer and I was in tears over all the nice comments you all left for me, I am very touched!  I try not to complain about anything on my blog, good grief, we all have enough going on without you needing to hear more, right?  I have been in bed for most of everyday for the past ten days or so.  I had my second round of bloodwork done and am waiting for results.  We are trying to figure out what has been kicking my behind for the past 10 days.  All I do know from the results that I have is that I am not contagious!  Which is a huge relief for several reasons. 

First, because I am petrified of anyone catching this.  Second, what if I give it away and then someone gives it right back – no thank you!  And third, because I have a huge show to do this weekend in San Marcos and that would so not be fair of me to get everyone there sick either, but I really do not want to lose out on my booth fee!

So I have been taking it more than easy in hopes of getting better and hoping to survive the next few days at the Creating Keepsakes Convention.

Matt was really, really worried that he would have to do it without me.  While he would love to tell his friends that he spent his weekend with a thousand or so women alone without his wife and make them all guess, it would mean that he was massively outnumbered and he really does not want to do it alone!

Luckily he is going and can do the driving (and I can sleep).  Then I can take some vitamins and thrive off the energy of the crowd.  I love doing these shows, they usually pump me up. 

I will see how the first day goes, but please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thank you again for all the kind words and emails – they really touched me as I sat here reading them all today.  Ok, off to grab a nap!

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