As a mom, there are hard days for me as I watch my child grow up.  First set of shots, first day to be left in the nursery at church, first haircut, first high fever, first night to have her sleep alone in her room, first time to leave town without her, first time to leave her overnight at my mom's, first elbow dislocation, first day of pre-school, first skinned knee, first time on an airplane, first night in a new home, first bike ride without training wheels, first scooter, first booster seat rather than car seat, first everything.

Today is one of those hard days, today, my big 5 year old started Kindergarten, she walked right in that school and into her classroom like such a big girl, not even looking back.  She put away her lunchbox, her backpack (what does a kindergartener need a backpack for anyway?), took her seat and began to play with Playdoh.  Then she looked at Matt and I and asked for hugs and kisses and went right back to playing.  She waved goodbye and there was not a moment of hesitation or fear in her eyes.  She was so extremely excited to be at school!


Yesterday, she told me, "Mommy, this is our last time to eat lunch together until Saturday."  Ugh!  Good grief, that broke my heart!  Lunch time is really our time to visit just the two of us.  Matt is usually at work or asleep during lunch, and we really enjoy the time for just the two of us. 

This week gearing up for today has been hard, and now today is here, and now she is at school and I cannot wait for 2:45 to get here!

I will scrapbook these pictures, but not today, there would be too many tears on the pages.  And this is a happy day, I am so proud of her!  And that is what should be remembered!  A BIG thank you to Mrs. Quiroz, Mrs. Heine, and Mrs. McCarron, all of Emily's preschool teachers who helped prepare her for this big day!


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