(Can you hear the Bewitched song playing in your mind?)

I could, all day long, as my list of things to do grew and grew and grew. 

On the list:

Take care of sick kiddo, bake 24 cupcakes for school Valentine's day party tomorrow, help sick kiddo finish her Valentines for party tomorrow, make a card, shoot video of card, edit video of card, go to the post office, update events section on my website, cook dinner, prepare for downline conference call this evening, tuck sick kiddo into bed, do conference call, relax on the sofa and play a game of solitaire on my phone.  Can you still here the theme music playing?

What actually happened:  Took care of sick kiddo, made a card, shot a video.  Took care of sick kiddo, feed sick kiddo, help sick kiddo make her Valentine's, made cupcakes while sick kiddo was watching and crying, worrying that she will miss her party and sad that she did not help make cupcakes, rock sick kiddo in between cupcake batches, give sick kiddo a bath to help with fever, rock sick kiddo, read story to sick kiddo, took sick kiddo to Sonic (because a root beer might help her feel better), finished her Valentines for her, dosed her up with medicine and sang her night-night songs, watched sick kiddo fall asleep, did downline call, watched the last 10 minutes of Nancy Grace since she gave a short tribute about a dear friend of mine that was killed in Afghanistan, just updated my site, you can view it on the left hand side under Events, and I believe that I am going to have to call it a day. 

I believe that this does not follow the Bewitched theme song, and I am not Kelly Ripa, but I think I did the important things today.  You will get to see the video tomorrow, thank you for understanding!

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