Recently Judy asked me if I had any tips on keeping your stamps on your blocks.
And I have several tips on exactly that.  After emailing her back, I thought there might be more of you with the same issue – I have dealt with it plenty of time!  There is nothing like inking up your stamp, getting ready to stamp and it falls off onto your beautiful card – it never happens on the first step of the card, it's always the finishing touch, right?
Anyone else feel my pain on this?  If so, check out these tips!
Here is the list:

1.  Sometimes using a damp towel and wiping the block to where it is just barely moist will help the blocks stay.
2.  Be sure to clean the stamp surface that touches the block.
3.  If using clear mount, don't use the stickers!  The foam clings much better than the stickers.
4.  You can also huff on the block or back side of stamp right before you attach them together (it will also create some moisture.)
5.  Be sure to hold the stamp onto the block for a few seconds before using.
6.  Some will go to the extreme and put a thin layer of liquid glue across their stamps, let it dry and then use them.  I have personally never done that, as the above tricks work for me.

7.  I have also used the Chap stick method of helping the cling to cling. And with that “a little dab'll do you.” – Added from the comments section!

I hope these tips on keeping your stamps on your blocks helps you out!  Do you have a question you want answered?  Leave it in the comments below!


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