This Week in Stamping Family

Did you see it?  There were two videos added this past week – one was a member favorite saying it was the best card ever in the site!

Am I telling you this to brag on me?  Nope!  I could the rest of my life without compliments from members in Stamping Family, as that is not at all what drives me.

What drives me is that that project I shared INSPIRED a member to create.  To try something she had never tried before.

That my friends – that is magic.  When you see something that inspires you to create.

Be sure to read on, I am going to share even more to hopefully inspire you!

Each week in Stamping Family, aside from the full project video tutorials, there are our constant weekly inspirations.

There is a new color combination as well as a new sketch inspiration.  (And members are about to see something fun to go along with this!)

What gets me even more excited is to not only know that the members are inspired to create – but then when they take it one step further and SHARE their creations on the site.

I was trying to guess at how many member projects there are in the site.  Not mine, but actual members.  So I did a little research.  For our little cozy site, there are over 2000 member projects loaded in there.  So not only are members inspired by what I post, but they inspire each other.

My favorite sections on the site are the image gallery and the chit chat sections.  We get to know each other in the chit chat section, but we get to see each others creations in the gallery.

Recently I was asked why I started the site and what are my goals with it.  These were interview questions for something you will see later on.  No, I am not going on something like Oprah or anything like that.

My reason for starting the site was simple.  I didn't like the big sites that were out there.  They were big, they were scary, and I felt like an outsider when I joined.

Most don't believe me, but I am an introvert.  I have no desire to the be the center of attention.  And if you ever see me in a room full of people, I will be on the outskirts in my comfort zone talking with a couple of people.  These people are the ones who I know, the ones who know me.  We aren't there to impress each other, we are there to enjoy our time together.  We are laughing, we are joking, and if someone else wants to come in, we welcome them and make our little circle bigger.

So is the goal to be the biggest?  Nope.  That honestly makes me want to vomit.

Is the goal to “be better” than the other sites out there?  Nope.  I really have no idea what the other sites are doing.  My focus is on our Stamping Family members.  So I think that is like comparing apples and oranges, yet not knowing what oranges taste like.  Sticking with that, I want to be the apple of your dreams.  The taste you envision before you bite into it.  When you think about it like that, does it ever matter if you know what an orange tastes like?  I think too many times we worry about what everyone else is doing rather than just doing what is right.

Is there really room for everyone?  Nope.  If  you are a negative, snarky, rude person – this is the not the site for you.  If you just want a group of stampers to really connect with, share with, craft with, etc – then yes, there is room for you.

What is your biggest fear with the site?  Wow, that is a good one.  My biggest fear is that the members feel it is not about them or that they don't feel welcome enough to share.  I love lurkers, don't get me wrong.  But I hope that every member in the site feels like this is their home and there is a chair at the table for them.  (And pie.  I love pie.)

So why am I sharing all of this with you?

For the first time in over 1-1/2 years, I am re-opening the $1/3 day Stamping Family trial!  I want you to see what this site is about and see if it is right for you.  If at the end of your trial, you decide it isn't – you are out $1.  That's it.  $1.

However, if you find it is right for you, you will find over 250 video tutorials – each packed with paper crafting tips.  You will find my online classes, as I don't charge members for my classes.  You will find these 2000 images I talked about earlier.  You will get to know the other members as much as  you would like.   You will learn, you will connect and you will be a cherished member of our Stamping Family!

Click here to take the $1/3 day trial TODAY!




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