The past two days I have been only Mom.  My sweet Emily got sick and only wanted her Mommy.  As she gets older, there are only select occasions that she wants "Mommy" instead of "Mom" and few times that she wants to be held and rocked.  I cling to those moments like they won't happen again.  There has been no stamping for the past day and 1/2 and now that she is feeling great and back at school (for the last day of the year) I get to stamp!!! 

As usual, my stamp room looks like a tornado went through it.  I have been using Victoria's method of containing the chaos – and I love it!  Recently I asked on Facebook what others do to contain everything and this concept stood out to me.  It falls inline with Rachel Ray's trash bowl.  I have a basket that my tools go in when I have used them but do not feel like putting them away.  I chunk it all in the basket, and then later I empty the basket.

Could I put them away as I finish using them, yes, but that is way too logical!  And I am also one to tweak my projects over and over again.  So just because I am done with them for that second does not mean that they stay done with.  Wow, that makes no sense even to me.  Let me try again…  I might not be entirely done with it.  I might walk away and then come back to it and want to use the thingy again.

Ok, off to grab more coffee, off to create and I hope to share it all with you later today!

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