We headed to Houston on Thursday, praying for no rain, and arrived later than planned thanks to all the traffic we hit.  Set up had to go quickly, and it did – #1 reason to bring Honey with me, he made all the trips bringing in everything from the truck.  We were set up in about 1.5 hours and then off to my mom's to see her and Emily (who had stayed with my mom for a few days before the show). 

Emily had grown a foot in those few days.  It was great to see her, and she was sad that Matt and I would be gone the entire day on Friday.

Friday started super early with the final set up with the TV and computers.  #2 reason to bring Honey with me:  He carried in all equipment and set it up while I did the finishing touches that I needed to.

Now here is where it gets good…

Matt made all of our bow makers.  If you have not seen them, visit http://www.10secondbowmaker.com.  His philosophy was, "I made them all, I am NOT learning how to tie bows."  Rapidly, he figured out that he did need to learn how.  When I was busy, he took over with the bow maker.  And he quickly became an expert – and he did a great job!!!  #3 reason to bring Honey with me:  He can tie bows!!!  He probably sealed many of the 10 Second Bow Maker sales just from his ability to not only be able to use it, but to even take his man hands and tie itty bitty bows.  There was one little lady that gave him a run for his money.  She told him there was no way with her arthritis that she could tie a bow even with a bow maker. 

If you have not had the pleasure of meeting the Honey (his real name is Matt – but everyone that met him wound up calling him Honey), he has the patience of a saint – he has to to be married to me, right?  He practically had this lady sitting in his lap as he worked with her.  He said that he could see that she really wanted to tie bows, and he was determined to help her out.  And after about 7 minutes, she was even tying the little 1/2" bows all by herself.  She was almost in tears as she hugged him.  She pulled me aside and told me to keep him (and then TOTALLY shocked me by how she said that I should keep him happy!!!)  She was so touched that he cared so much to work with her.

#4 reason to bring Honey with me:  He is funny!  I think my favorite thing he said during the entire show was this, "Meg, someone really needs to take the Bedazzler away from that lady."  Now to me there are several thoughts on why this is funny.  First, I do not own a bedazzler, and the face that he knew about these made me laugh. Second, he was right!  If you were there and you saw her, I know you know who I am talking about.  She was so nice to visit with, she was amazingly nice, but the rhinestones all over were quite the distraction.

#5 reason to bring Honey with me:  He was up for the challenge.  He had one lady come up to him and seriously challenge him.  She said that she could tie a bow without the bow maker faster than he could with it.  He did some stretches and told her, "Bring it on!"  He won.  And then to make it even funnier, he told her all the things that were better about his bow than hers – and then she bought a bow maker from him. 

He will probably tell you that the CKC is not his favorite way to spend a day – and even though this is not his first show, he was not looking forward to doing it.  But he had so much fun talking with everyone, he really enjoyed it.  He could not believe how many people took his picture – and now he is worried about what these ladies that took his picture will do with it.  I betcha dollars to donuts that he had about 20 pictures taken of him. 

If you came by our booth at the show, thank you!  Thank you for coming and visiting with us – we had a great time!  If you signed up for the door prize drawing, it will be tomorrow at noon – be sure to click the link in the email that you received confirming you to opt in to my newsletters.

Oh, and we planned to show pictures – we were so busy, we did not have a moment to take pictures.  If you did, please send them to me.

Have a great day!


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