Today is another project using up scraps and today, Emily begged me to make a video, she has always wanted to do this and today was the perfect day for it.  She knew exactly what she wanted to make and we did not rehearse this ahead of time.  The only thing that we talked about was 1.  Butterflies 2.  Pink and Purple on White cardstock 3.  Big Shot with Polka Dots  4.  Ribbon  5. Sparkle. 

Emily's ButterfliesStamping with your kids is another great way to use up any left over supplies that you have.  I have a bin for her that she knows that she can take any thing out of and use however she would like.  And if you do not have children that would enjoy arts and crafts or if your children are the furry kind, come borrow mine, she loves to stamp!

I love to stamp with Emily, she is just fun.  There is no other way to explain it.  And I hope that you enjoy today's video as much as I enjoyed making it with her.  By the way, the only part that was edited out was when we move the big shot, everything else you see is exactly how it went.  Please share your comments below with us!


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