Two Things:

First, I have been asked to add a Friday DAYTIME class for this fun project and I have been able to set a date.  And the date will be April 20th from 12:30pm-3pm.  This option has been added to the PayPal button.  Because of this change, I will leave the Early Bird Registration option open for one more day.

Second, I have had people ask if they can purchase multiple kits, and the answer is YES!  If you are doing them by mail, you will now be able to put in the number of kits that you would like.  They do make awesome gifts!  If you are attending the class and want multiple kits, you can do that as well, you will need to complete your other kits at home though. 

In this class or kit, remember that you will be making: Sweet Shop ad pic

  • Four Gift Bags
  • Four Gift Bag Cards
  • 6 Full Size Birthday Cards
  • 1 AMAZING BOX to store all of your cards!  (I wish you could have heard the ooohs and ahhhhhs from the ladies at my class this weekend, it was priceless and gave me goosebumps!)

There are so many projects that I could not fit them all in one picture, so I made a video showing you what you will be making! 

OK, I think I addressed it all.  I added a Friday class, and yes, you can now buy multiple kits.

Here is the sign up:  Early Bird Discount Pricing will go away TOMORROW!

Sweet Shop Birthday Class Options

Here is the video showing you all of the projects:


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