Storage Tip For Paper Crafting – Storing Your Extras

Have you ever stamped an image or sentiment and then not used it?  Or am I the only one?

I used to try to keep them in a jar, I have tried ziplocs, I have even purchased a binder for them.

I wanted to store them in with the stamp set, but every time I would open or close the stamp set box, the image got bend, curled or just simply ruined.  I tried to keep them in a baggie in the stamp box, but then the closure seam kept sticking out and the box wouldn't close.

Can you feel my pain in this?  It was so frustrating!

Then one day the clouds parted, the bird of happiness slid right down a double rainbow right in my window and sat on my shoulder, the unicorn wandered in.  (The only thing missing was a leprechaun and the pot of gold!)

I used my solution ALL THE TIME, but only used it for it's intended purpose.

Rather than try to explain it all, I made you a very quick video tutorial showing you how I do it and where I keep all my extras.

Check it out here:



Here are the two supplies I used, to order them, simply click on the items and check out.




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