I get asked a lot if stamping is something you can do with kids.  And my answer is, "Of Course!!!"  My daughter started stamping with me before she was even 2.  You can pick out the parts of it that you feel are age appropriate.  Papercrafting can grow with them.  While Emily does not have the hand strength for all the punches, she can certainly use the Big Shot.  And since there are no sharp, exposed parts with using the Big Shot, it is perfect tool for her.  (She has been asking for her own Big Shot for quite a while now.)

This morning as we were snuggling in front of the Christmas tree, me with my coffee, her with her hot chocolate, I asked her what she wanted to do today.  Her answer was to make a card and make a video.  She loves making videos, she makes them all the time.  But today she wanted to make one for all of you.  I kept asking her why, and she said that you all might still need some Christmas card ideas – and she had a GREAT one.  Her idea of a great one is one that she can do, so she feels like it is one that everyone can do.

She picked out the colors, the layout and interjected her own personality into the card. 

My advice when stamping with kids, let them pick it all out.  Does it matter if it is not perfectly straight?  Odd colors?  Funky layout?  Not at all.  It is simply fun – and as you will see, she changes it as she goes.  I love to see what she comes up with!

Here is the video for Emily's Card:


Here is Emily's Card:

Stamping with kids stamping with kidsI think she did a great job – I would have used dimensionals, but what do I know?  I love the simplicity of it.  And I love spending time with Emily, whether we are joking around, making cards or doing both!

Do me a favor and leave her a comment, she loves it when you all do that.  And give stamping with kids a try!

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