Stamping Family – Crafting Inspiration Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


I got 99 problems and inspiration ain't one of them

Never in your wildest dreams have you imagined the crafting inspiration that awaits you at Stamping Family!  I know because I built it that way!  See, a few years ago I was looking for a site where I could be just a crafter, hanging out with crafty friends, bouncing ideas off of each other, sharing tips and cool tricks and just PLAY.  I tried a bunch of sites and they all seemed to have one thing or another as their hook, but I couldn't find that place that had it all.  So I built it.  Yup, just like that.  Well, NOT just like that, but you know what I mean.

Now I have to pinch myself sometimes because Stamping Family has turned out to be exactly what I envisioned!  A place where people share their creations in their own galleries.  A place where people ask for help with a project and get it!  A place where we share all sorts of tips and tricks and make each other better crafters.  And a place where there is inspiration EVERYWHERE.  Hey, I created the place and I get inspired when I am hanging out in there!

There are weekly Color and Sketch Inspirations, Mystery Basket Inspirations (ever watch Chopped?), monthly Inspiration Boards, Swaps, contests, challenges, TONS of samples from members, LOADS of videos………and tons of friendly, supportive, often hysterically funny conversation.  The best thing is, we have become a group of friends!  Some people are in Stamping Family all the time, some pop in on the weekends, some come for one specific feature and all are welcomed and valued.  And the one thing that everyone says is that they are INSPIRED.  They craft because of the ideas they see.  They play because they see how much fun it is.  The are INSPIRED.  And that, folks, is the best feeling EVAH!

So if you have “99 problems”, as JayZ raps, I have the solution to make sure that “one ain't” inspiration.  Come to Stamping Family.  Inspiration beyond your wildest dreams awaits you and the only thing missing from Stamping Family right now is YOU!

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