Almost a year ago, Stampin' Up! introduced some new colors to the palette and let others go.  I was fearful of losing YoYo Yellow, not because I am a huge yellow fan, but I loved the brightness, it was just a cheerful color.

When Daffodil Delight came on the scene, it was love at first site.  This is a softer yellow and really is more representive of nature.  It is bright and soft at the same magical time.

These past few weeks, we have traveled a bunch, we have hit 10 cities in the past three weeks, some by air, some by car and several by foot (or so it seems) and I have been thrilled to get away from the Texas heat and go North.  What I have seen as we have traveled is color, very different color!  Our hibiscus is yellow, but it looks so different from other yellow hibiscus.  And that is how I feel about Stampin' Up!'s Daffodil Delight.  It is bright and cheery and just different.

I love the simple look of this card, it was on a display board on the Stampin' Up! Cruise, and I keep pausing at it when I look through vacation pictures, so I wanted to share it with you.

This uses a hostess set with it and yummy ribbon…

Edited Because I Care

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