People are going BANANAS over the Stampin' Up! Mini Pizza Boxes and it's easy to see why! These stinkin' cute little one piece mini pizza boxes are just waiting for people to put their creative touches on them and fly out the door to bring surprise and delight to everyone who is given one.

I created a Halloween one which you can see at this post here where I kicked off my Eight Weeks Of Halloween and, well, right here:

Stampin' Up! mini pizza boxes for Halloween Treats


SO cute and SO easy to make!  The boxes come flat and ready for you to just fold up, pop the tabs in and decorate! It could just not get any easier!

Here's a sneak peek at one I have coming up to share – I have a few friends with Fall birthdays and I like to give little tokens of appreciation to special people – this will be one of my go-tos this year!

Stampin' Up! mini pizza boxes for fall gifting


The post for how I made this will go up next week but in the meantime, is that not so adorable?

Here are some other projects made with these super cute Stampin' Up! Mini Pizza Boxes:

Stampin' Up! mini pizza boxes for holiday gifting


Stampin' Up! mini pizza boxes for friends


Stampin' Up! mini pizza boxes for sharing goodies


So what you can put INSIDE these adorable little giftables? Here's a list of some ideas but remember, you are only limited by your imagination and the size of the Stampin' Up! Mini Pizza Boxes themselves!

  • Little 3″ X 3″ Thank You Notes
  • Movie tickets
  •  Any gift cards
  • CASH!
  • Candy
  • Jewelry
  • A Mini Photo Book
  • A special keychain
  • Car Keys (WOW – that's a gift!)
  • Dog tags and a pet license to “gift” a new pet
  • A perfectly decorated cookie
  • A set of cute handstamped fridge magnets
  • A sampler of fun paper crafting embellishments
  • A miniature framed photo
  • A single perfect paper blossom
  • Funny office post it notes
  • A pair of baby socks and a gift card to a baby store
  • And so on!

Here's a peek at another cute project I have coming up in a post for Valentine's Day using the Stampin' Up! Mini Pizza Boxes:

Stampin' Up! mini pizza boxes for Valentines' Day


Now these Stampin' Up! Mini Pizza Boxes are selling like madness and it's sort of miraculous that they haven't gone on back order status yet. But they will; this I am almost absolutely sure of. So don't wait. Because you know they SECOND they go on BO, you will NEED them. And you will cry. And I hate it when my peeps cry!

With these projects as inspiration and a list of fun things to put inside, get yourself some Stampin' Up! Mini Pizza Boxes, jump on the craze and have some fun creating some adorable projects!







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