Make your Stamparatus reservation TODAY~


Today is the first day you can make your Stamparatus reservation so if you are one of the people who sees the incredible value and usefulness of this tool – be at your computer at 2 pm Mountain Time when the reservation window opens.  It is CLOSED!  The number they allotted was gone through in less than 7 minutes!

In case you missed my post here where I shared the details (and if you missed it, check it out!) Stampin' Up! is being super smart about how they make this product new to the JUNE 2018 catalog available EARLY! Instead of ordering some ahead of time and having them sell out, Stampin' Up! is taking reservations for the initial pre-releases of the Stamparatus. This means you make a Stamparatus reservation now (or during two more reservation windows – see below), pay when it ships in February and still get to have something new and awesome in your hands before it even goes “live”.  How smart is that?

And again, this tool is really a genius addition to our stamping tools. It allows you to stamp up to FOUR different layers or images without having to reset your stamps or your paper. Think of all those three and four step stamps we have that can be a pain in the patootie to re-line up.  We have stamps sets that layer, we have stamps sets that are builder sets and we have stamps sets that can create SUPER cute vignettes. Now we have a tool that makes USING all those sets a snap!  And even sets from other companies will work with the Stamparatus because it's all so basic, just with a GENIUS application!

Here are the other Stamparatus reservation and shipping windows:

Reservation WindowsAvailable to Ship
November 16–30, 2017Approx. February 1, 2018
December 5–30, 2017Approx. March 19, 2018
January 15–30, 2018Approx. April 15, 2018


And remember, even though you will enter your payment information when you reserve your Stamparatus, you won't get charged until it ships!

So be sure to keep checking back to get your Stamparatus reservation in the system!

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