001 The fun mistakes are the ones that you make while stamping, scrapbooking or creating. Why? because there really are no mistakes in stamping, scrapbooking or while you are creating anything because you can always cover it up with an embellishment or use it for something completely different. You never know the outcome of something until you are completely finished with it.

That is what happened to this scalloped flower I was making. I had intended to make a flower that was bigger so I thought I would add more scallop flowers then what I normally do – or what anyone 002 probably normally does. But when I layed it down it folded in half just as you see in this photo.

I put a brad in the center of them to make sure they would stay together with a button on top. You can still 003 (2) see the brad a little bit, but that is okay, it still looks cute!

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