Our hearts are with Moore, Oklahoma, we are so sorry.

I am sure that you have stayed as glued to CNN as we have, following Moore, Oklahoma, and the tragedy there.  Facebook has kept us up to date with friends there and it has me thinking two different things.  First, what an amazing role that social media has played in this event, same as with other large events over the last handful of years.  There are so many without power and without phone service, but many still have access to 3G or 4G networks.  How amazing for those in that situation to post one time and the news spread to family and friends, instantly letting them know their situation without those involved needing to call everyone in their phone book.

Also, it made me think of expressing my thoughts and feelings through artwork.  A few months ago, a friend shared a card with me and it stuck with me.  That card came to mind this morning as I was using my artwork to share how I feel.

First, it was simple.  Simply put, I am sad.  Second, when I am sad, I feel the proverbial “blue”.  So that was my initial color.  And “So Sorry” was exactly the words I would say and have said to my friends there.

Adding a touch more blue with a flower that is dyed and a simple pearl in the middle.

The art part definitely came out as I was mixing Frost White Shimmer paint with So Saffron ink and rubbing alcohol in a mister.  I was on the phone with a friend as I was doing that, and she said, “Too bad that shimmer paint is retiring.”  Uh – how did I miss that?  I love the Frost White shimmer paint.  So I got online to verify it, hoping that she was wrong, but she wasn't.  Indeed, it will retire.  The only good news is that it is still available and it is actually on sale too.  If you want it, here is the link for it.

Here is my So Sorry card:

so sorry for moore, oklahoma

The flower is from the Occasions catalog and does not appear in the new big catalog.  Here is the link for the flowers.

Here is a snippet so you can really see that shimmer:

so sorry for moore, oklahoma

While card making is fun, it is also art, and a great way to express how you are feeling.  I hope that you use your artwork to express any feelings that you are having, whether for Moore, Oklahoma, or for anything else.

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