Get More From Your Sizzix Cutting Pads!

Ready to stop the warping of your Sizzix Cutting Pads?

Whether you call them plates or pads, it’s time to have a chat if yours look like this:


Sizzix Cutting Pads


Recently, a friend shared with me a tip to stop the warping – and it works!

In the video I say this, but I don’t stress it enough.  This only works when you start with a NEW set of cutting pads.  So well worth the $11.  You can order your Sizzix Cutting Pads here.

Watch the video to learn the tip:



Simple, right?  Again, you will need a new set of cutting pads, and you can get those here.



You will get better cuts, you will have better contact with your Magnetic Platform, you won’t have to remember which plate was where last, all by just using this amazingly simple tip.

If there is space in the middle between your plate and your platform, so when you press down in the middle, if there is movement, flip it over.

I love little tips and tricks like this. Ones that save you money, ones that save you time, and most importantly, ones that save you frustration!  The first place I shared this tip was in Stamping Family. If you like these tips and want to see a whole much more like them, check out Stamping Family.  It’s an amazing community of positive stampers that create the most stunning projects.

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So if you like this tip on getting more out of your Sizzix Cutting Pads, I feel confident you will love all the tips in Stamping Family too!

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