I think sometimes we get in the habit of sending cards only for occasions – but there is always a need to do something Just Because, right?  The element of surprise by putting a smile on someone's face by sending them a card Just Because is awesome right?

This was something that I used to do with my Grandma – but in a different way.  The month of March held her birthday and in case you are new to my blog, my Grandmother and I were best friends, in every way.  We had no secrets, especially when she was on pain medicine (ahhh, the things she told me that I really did not want to know), we talked so much that when I was growing up, my parents made me buy a calling card and pay for it, because in case you are young, you used to have to pay for long distance phone calls.  

So where does the Just Because come into play in this conversation?  Every time I went and stayed with her, I would hide notes and cards all over the house, and I mean all over – under the silverware drawer, in the bottom of the sugar bowl, under the toilet seat, in a pair of shoes, behind picture frames, I think you get the idea.  It became something we both looked forward to, I even caught her peeking once late at night to try to catch me doing it, it was like a kid waiting up for Santa Clause.  These cards became a way for me to sneek in ways for me to tell her I love her, for no particular reason, Just Because.  

I am tearing up as I write this, she has been gone for 6 years now and her birthday is fast approaching, but yesterday and today she has been in almost all of my thoughts and today I needed to express it and of course, the way it came out was through a card.  I still create these cards for her, and I still write in them.  Do I mail them?  No, of course not.  But I keep them with the boxes of cards that I found when going though her house after she died.  It still feels good to share with her my love for her, and I can still imagine her finding them and opening them just like I used to years ago.  Wow, I am crying like you would not believe right now.

Whew, so let me share with you the card that I am going to write to my Grandma today.  It is a simple card, you can create it and make it for someone that you will either mail to that person, or keep for that person.  

sending a just because hand made greeting card

In case you are wondering, as we went through her home, I did not find a single card or note around the houes.  She had found them all over the years, I figured I would find a dozen or so, as I normally placed about 15-20 of them with each visit.  And that means that she tore that house apart over the years finding them, and that humors me to do this day picturing her looking everywhere she could think of.  What I found instead was a box that was full of them, right next to her bed, I believe she kept them all.

I challenge you to make a card for someone, Just Because.  You don't have to share the details with me, but please in the comments below, just share their name.  There is nothing like making a card for someone, is there?

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