This idea for quick and easy cute cards for friends is totally flexible!

I am always looking for quick and easy cute cards for friends to just send a little hello, give them a boost during a rotten spell, share a private joke or even to say thank you for their friendship toward me. This one I love because as much as I am over the moon for this color combination, this layout works for ANY colors, little images and even, frankly, the greeting.

So about these colors – THIS is a crazy fun color combo!  I LOVE these colors together.  You have a bit of pastel mixed with brights for just the right balance of colors.  If you haven't ever tried these colors together before, stop what you are doing and go try.  Unless you are doing something super important… but now that I think of it, if you are doing something super important, you probably aren't reading this.  So go give it a try:)


today's idea for quick and easy cute cards for friends features these fun colors in combination

The Project

Start with a smaller image, for mine I went with a flower.  I grabbed my favorite little flower from the Sweet Strawberry set and went to town with these colors.  And you don't have to stamp all over, just down one edge is perfect.

Like I said above, don't feel the need to fill your entire card with flowers.  When you are working with that many colors of images of the same size, it can get overwhelming faster than the babysitter’s boyfriend bailing when the car pulls up.  So be careful!

Let me share this project with you so you can see what I am talking about…


a variation of quick and easy cute cards for friends that can be changed up endlessly using different colors, stamps and shapes


Just about 2-3 flowers in each color is the way to go.

Add a die cut circle with a darling sentiment, a smidge of baker's wine wrapped and a bow added, and you are done!  If you are seeing that bow and thinking, “No way!”, do yourself a favor and get a 10 Second Bow Maker!  They are simply awesome, and yes, that is a shameless plug for that amazing tool my hubby has been making for years.

And just like that, you are done!  All you need to get this creative train rolling is the supplies.  Cue the supplies…


The Supplies

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Project Printable

If you like this project and want to print it out, here's your chance!  Click here to download the supply list and project idea.

a cheat sheet for today's idea for quick and easy cute cards for friends using a fun color combination and small stamps


Thank You

As I said at the top of the post, this idea for quick and easy cute cards for friends can give you endless variations on this design when you change out the colors, the flowers for another small image, the greeting, the shape of the greeting die cut…….  Turn it sideways, move the stamping to the center or the other side……  Endless!  We do have fun crafting together, don't we!  Keep checking back for more card making ideas.  XOXO, Meg

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