I got a great question from a customer the other day where she asked how I organize my Framelits and other wafer thin steel dies.  Before I answer I want to say that I LOVE questions!  What better way is there for me to know what's on your mind? So please always feel free to reach out anytime and ask away!

So there are tons of ways to organize Framelits and wafer thin steel dies.  There are companies out there who have expensive gorgeous magnetic filing systems, magnetic tape on the packing cards, magnetic WALLS, sticky cards, etc.  My system is pretty straightforward and super easy and I bet you probably have most of what you need handy or can get it quickly and inexpensively.

Dies that nest I put together on a D-ring (you could use a heavy duty paperclip bent into a hook) and hang on Command hooks (the removable ones) in my work space.  Here's a fast snap of one set:

Framelits on hook storage






Others I put into zipper baggies, label with a sharpie and stand in a plastic storage box. Another “Candid Camera” image:

Framelits stored in baggies






TOLD you it was easy!  As much as I love looking at all those fancy storage plans, I would way rather spend my money on new stamping goodies especially when this system works so well for me and costs me very very little.

In fact, recently on Stamping Family, we had a lively, fun discussion about spring cleaning our stamping areas and shared tons of ideas for storage.  People seemed sort of surprised when I shared my Framelit plan but quickly realized that, HEY!, it works! We had a blast comparing ideas and I know I am more organized now thanks to all the Stamping Family members who all participated.

What organizing challenges do you face?  Drop me a line and I will be sure to add yours to the list of Q&A features I have coming up.  And aren't you glad you now know how to organize your Framelits without having to break the bank?

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