Today's card features circle punches from Stampin' Up! to create a fun snowman.  Honest confession, to this day, I have never made a snowman.  Down here in Texas it is still 90 degrees, so now snowman for me. 

So as I sit here pondering snowmen, I am trying to figure out which is better to make, a real one or a punch art one.  Real one:  I would think you would get really cold hands, maybe a bit messy, and all that work eventually melts away, but you can show off your work to your neighbors.  Punch art one:  Still messy, (at least it is if you papercraft the way I do), no cold hands, no specialty outdoor wear needed, and you can show off your work to your neighbors, actually, you can put one of these snowmen in their mailboxes without upsetting them!  The winner is – punch art over snow art in my book!

Now that the great debate of 10/13 is solved, allow me to share with you my Punch Art Snowman:

Punch Art, Snowman, Stampin' Up!, Circle PunchesAnd when you use your Snowflake Embossing Folder for your background – boom – easy, peasy, lemon squeezy Christmas Card!

And no, it does not have a real carrot for his nose or coal for his eyes.  It is orange cardstock for the nose and black brads for the eyes, I used marker for the rest of the accents.

I hope that you have enjoyed this week's punch art collection – all of the punches come from Stampin' Up! and you can order any of them here.  Thanks!

Punch Art, Snowman, Stampin' Up!, Circle Punches

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