Pun Intended – Gotta Love a Good Pun (Stampin' Up!)

I love a good pun – I might not catch the pun for several hours – but I love a good pun.  I have so many quick witted “punny” friends, it keeps life fun and entertaining!

Recently I have fallen in love with old graters.  I don't know why, but I have.  In fact, I might be needing an intervention soon.  It's almost an addiction.  Doesn't this look awesome on my kitchen wall?


Pun Intended - Gotta Love a Good Pun (Stampin' Up!)


Loving puns, I kept saying to everyone that comes over, “Check out my GRATE wall of Texas.”

I am often rewarded with an eye roll – which means it is a good pun, right?

Imagine my delight when my Matt brings this home for me one day:


Pun Intended - Gotta Love a Good Pun (Stampin' Up!) 2


And even better that I can hang it from a grater, right?

What does this have to do with stamping?  Yeah, eventually I was going to get to that.

There is a great new set in the Stampin' Up! catalog called Pun Intended.  It is one of my favorites in the new catalog and one I knew I would have to have.  It is fun, it is clever and it makes crazy cute cards.

Check it out:


Pun intended stampin up


Yesterday was creative day in my stamp room.  That means the ringers are shut off, the music is loud, the kiddo is playing at a neighbors, the Matt is at work, I am in jammies, and the coffee is flowing.  Perfect day, right?  (OK, in a perfect world it would be Dr. Pepper.  But I have been working to get sugar out of my life.  So coffee has a to be a good substitute!)

I love creative days!!!  And I hadn't yet played with the Pun Intended stamp set yet.  Yesterday was the day!

As I was picking my colors, I thought that yellow (obviously) was needed and black.  I don't have yellow and black patterned paper and really didn't have any stamps that I wanted to use to stamp by own background.  So I opted for scraps of card stock to make my own panel.


Pun Intended - Gotta Love a Good Pun (Stampin' Up!)


After that, it was time to die cut, stamp, punch, cut and assemble!

  • I die cut out the middle of the card stock strip panel.
  • I stamped the lightbulb and the sentiment.
  • I punched out a little yellow heart to cover up the stamped heart.
  • Cut a banner from one side of my sentiment.
  • And assembled into the fabulousness that you see here:


Pun Intended - Gotta Love a Good Pun (Stampin' Up!)


Cute, fun, bright and colorful, and ready to send out!


Pun Intended - Gotta Love a Good Pun (Stampin' Up!)


Before we go any further – let be upfront about this stamp set.  It is a hostess set.  Which means that it can't be purchased, it can only be ordered with a hostess qualifying order – $150 in merchandise gets you hostess rewards.

Don't despair just yet.  I will share with you EXACTLY how I got it and WHY I got it now.

First, I did a deep dive.  I went through my drawers to see what I was really low on.  I made a list, checked it twice, and even picked out a couple of new things.  It wasn't an exciting order – there was white card stock, 3 packages of Dimensionals, envelopes, other card stock, some new ribbon, etc.  It was time to stock up rather than run out!

So WHY did I order it now?  When you place an order of over $150, you get 10% of your order merchandise total back in rewards.  So that was $15 and it got me the Pun Intended stamp set and left me $5.50 to go towards something else.  BUT right now, for every $50 in merchandise you order, you get 10% of that amount off an order next month!  Click here to read more about the current special.

Even better would be to ask some of your crafty friends if they want to combine an order, you be hostess for coordinating it, contact me via email to get you a hostess code and then you aren't out as much to get this fabulous hostess set or any of the others.

And I always say that free stamps stamp better!

Now, if you are wondering what I did with the cut out from this card, don't worry, it didn't not go unused.  I will be sharing that idea with you soon, so be sure to check back.

Here is a list of the supplies I used to create this card.  Remember, the hostess set can't be purchased with anything other than reward dollars, no matter how many times you click on it!


Quick Order List, to order – click a pic below!


Thanks so much for joining me!  Leave me a comment about what you like with the card and also what you would do differently if you were to make it!  Stampin' Up!'s Pun Intended is such a fun and versatile set, you won't be sad adding it to your collection!




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