I get to have knee surgery on Thursday, Aug 10th. Yay me, ugh!

A couple of months ago I was walking. I wasn't running, I wasn't walking for exercise. I wasn't out for a jaunt, no breakdancing, no kick boxing…

and to be 100% transparent, I was walking back into my neighbor's house to refill my wine glass.

Yes, my friends, in that moment of stepping into her house, I felt a pop behind my right knee, instant pain, and I knew something was wrong.

My optimist heart prayed for some great physical therapy to fix this, it would get better, I just knew it would.

Matt had to help me get home that night, I was just right next door.

I faithfully iced my knee for three days straight. Some days it barely has bothered me, other days have been intense pain.

The X-Ray showed osteoarthritis. Can you hear my tone as I write that? Am I really at the osteoarthritis age? I guess I am, there's even proof!

The MRI confirmed a torn meniscus.

The question in the air is, will I also have to have a knee replacement this Thursday?

There are two ways to fix a torn meniscus. The easy way and the not so easy way. It means a difference of 3 weeks recovery time.

I refuse to even let my brain go full into knee replacement thinking. I'm going full ostrich on this one, head buried in the sand – it's not happening.

The waiting for a surgery date has been the hardest part. I'm not a patient person – you may already know that about me.

Luckily I was able to go to an event in California that I've had planned since April. While I was there last week, my phone rang to schedule the surgery and here we are.

I'm so grateful I was able to go to that event, and I am praying that I can make it back out for the follow up in 3 weeks. I am an optimist, so in my heart, I am going. I already bought the plane ticket – well, I cashed in miles, so I spent $11 on the flight, lol. But it's booked!

What that means for the blog and the socials….

I haven't posted much on the blog over the past week because I have been frantically making stuff so that I can post from my bed or sofa.

I even think it's good stuff!!

I have a lot of video to edit, lots of pictures to edit, lots of writing to do – all for you!

We have a plan for Stamping Family – thank you all for helping me with a plan that included “Don't worry about us, we will be fine while you recover!” I say all the time, it's actually my signature in the Stamping Family site, that I am grateful for every Stamping Family member.

The plan for Stamping Family was to open it next week. That's not going to happen. I can't open it to new members and be like, hey – I've got nothing for you other than the over 800 exclusive videos that are already in the site. I don't know, maybe I still will… I'm torn (literally, lol!!!)

As for social media, you will still see things on there, my goal is for it to look like nothing happened. Well, I say that, but I will post updates so you know how it went and what the recovery will look like.

As for the business side of things, this has me scared, to be honest. I have never had to have surgery since starting my business in 2004. I'm very blessed! But scared. Matt just returned to work about a month ago after his back injury, and he will be off work again taking care of me.

I don't do all this for fun, I'm lucky that my work is fun, but it also has a purpose. The purpose is to provide for my family.

I do that through commissions on products that you order through me with Stampin' Up! I do that with my online classes at papercraftingclasses.com, and I do that through Stamping Family.

I don't have a new class in my back pocket ready to sell. I don't know when I can make a new one.

So I am going to be doing some classes clean up, or should it be clear out? Not sure how that should read. But I have some older Papercrafting Triple Play classes that I will be putting on clearance.

Maybe the doors to Stamping Family will open.

I have some ideas for the blog that are a bit different from what I have done before. And that's a good thing – trying new things is always a good thing.

My requests from you, my loving audience is… and boy, I am not good at asking for things…

Please pray that I have the simple surgery and a quick recovery.

Please pray over the surgeon and his team that they are well rested, confident, and capable.

If you are wanting to learn something new, consider ordering a class from papercraftingclasses.com.

If you are thinking of joining Stamping Family, or returning to it, get on the waitlist at StampingFamily.com.

If you need products, please order with me.

That's what I'm asking of you.

Tonight is Emily's second volleyball game of the season. Last night was the first. This is her senior year. I don't want to miss a moment of any of her anythings. Oh my, I need a plastic cover for my computer now, as here come the tears.

I love watching that girl do her thing. This year she will climb mountains like she never has before.

From playing her fourth year on the varsity volleyball team, to starting coaching for club. From NHS treasurer to Student Council President. From her almost perfect GPA, and an increase of 3 points on her ACT. From her beach loving heart trying to find the right university near sands and waves to also choosing colleges that don't meet her ocean goals. We bought her homecoming dress last weekend so that is done.

She will be fine through it all.

OH, and let me share this fun mom win… she had a boyfriend – and that ended, I won't get into that. He said not nice things about her and then supposedly wants to get her back. She told me she would never consider it, especially after what he said about her on all his social media and in text messages.

That's a proud mom moment right there. Knowing that she doesn't need or want to go back to someone that will do something like that. Seriously, proud mom!!!

So tonight, I will climb onto that bus, Coach is awesome and letting me ride the bus to everything – and the team has said they will all help me on the bus after my surgery.

I don't want to miss a moment laid up in bed.

I love to work and I love to create for y'all. My helper personality wants to provide outstanding ideas and inspiration that will help you make better cards.

So prayers up, fingers crossed, this is the update I didn't want to have to write, but facing it full on.

Love you all!


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