That's right.  I don't like ink on my fingers, I don't like getting messy when crafting, and I don't know why.

Ever want to send me into a tizzy?  Ask me to share the shaving cream technique.  Ask me to dive into mixed media.

Ugh- I shudder as I even sit here and type mixed media.

Two years ago, I was in California taking a mixed media class.  I was all in until the teacher said something like this – spritz several sprays of ink on your canvas, then spread it around with your fingers.

That is my idea of crafting hell.

I'm not a prissy person, so it's not that.  I am not afraid to sweat and be outside, so it's not that.  I use food coloring whenever we make pancakes – that's another story 🙂 – and that dye gets on my fingers and I have smurf fingers for a few days, so it's not that.

Something happens in my brain when I hear the words like smear or smudge, and I want to coat myself in latex gloves and run for the hills.

What about you?

What are the techniques or ideas that make you shudder, shake your head or head for the hills?

Leave me a comment below, I really want to know!

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