Paper Crafting Tools

Vision, passion and creativity are extremely important when pursuing any artistic endeavor. However, without the proper tools bringing your imaginings to life, your great ideas may turn into great disasters.  Over the next few days, we are going back to basics.  I will share with you some of my favorite must-have tools.

Here is a list of the basic tools you need in order to achieve Paper Crafting Nirvana:

  1. Paper Trimmer/Cutter- This will be one of your most used tools so make sure that when you get yourself one of these, don not settle with one that is simply okay or just good, invest in a GREAT one. You don't want to get frustrated and waste all that lovely card stock of yours because of your sub-par cutter.
  2. Variety of Scissors- You want to get all kinds. From the super sharp edged and pointy kind to those for ribbon and everything in between.
  3. Adhesives- Now, you need to think outside the Elmer's glue bottle because there are a multitude of adhesives that serve numerous purposes. There are tape runners, sticky strip, glue dots, tacky glue, glue sticks, glue guns (and the list goes on and on).

Check back tomorrow for more paper crafting tool must-haves!

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