I don't know about you but I LOVE paper craft ideas for home decor. Lord knows I have enough STUFF to decorate every square inch of my house but I digress……

We ALL have a frame somewhere in the house, right? We bought it at a flea market or it was in a clearance bin or we had a COUPON and you can't let THOSE go to waste, right! Well the other day I wanted to make something cute for my daughter's study area and you all know I love me some polka dots and she IS my sunshine and so this happened:




Is that not just SO cute? And when I tell you it was easy…….. Essentially I applied some basic card making elements to come up with this little framed art. I used some basic shapes to make the leaves and stem, looped some skinny strips of paper to make the petals – an EXCELLENT way to use up scraps! – and placed that bright sunshine over it all. I found a cute baby clothespin and prettied it up with a coordinating bow using my fabulous 10 Second Bow Maker and popped it all in a found frame.

Here's the super short list of items I used to create this:


People, friends, stamping pals – this is why I say “shop your stash”! This project was made almost entirely from found items and scraps! And my daughter **LOVES** it! And that's what makes it the best thing ever. And one of the paper craft ideas for home decor I WILL repeat!


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